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The Big Part Of My Collection!

The Big Part Of My Collection!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Star Wars Sideshow Collections - 17/3/2012

Hey hey guys,

So i have the Sideshow Collectibles - ESB - Jedi Mentor Yoda arriving on Monday, and in preperation the collection has been moved in order to have some space for the little fella and his log!
Whilst during the figures across as always, a few got posed and changed, mostly the clone troopers (Due to the amount of hands and feets you get with these guys, it is impossible to keep them in the same pose for more than five minutes)

So below are some images, that even i look at and wow at. I hope you enjoy looking at these images, i will shut up with the talking now and let you view the pictures
Oh, also the master replica helmets have been incorporated into the collection too, to allow extra sexiness

Be sure to keep an eye on this page for images of Yoda once he has come in to me.

See ya.....
Sideshow Collectibles
Episode III- Anakin Skywalker
Episode III - Kit Fisto
Episode I - Qui Gon Jinn
Episode IV - Darth Vader
Episode VI - Luke Skywalker
Episode II, III - Mace Windu
Episode I, II, III - Plo Koon
Sideshow Collectibles
Force Unleased Stormtrooper Commander
Clone Wars / Episode III - Commander Cody
Clone Wars / Episode III - Commander Bly
Episode I and III - Battle Droid
Clone Wars - Captain Rex

Master Replica
Episode III - 501st Legion Clone Trooper Helmet
Episode IV- Luke Skywalkers X - Wing Helmet
Episode III - Commander Gree's Helmet

Sideshow Collectibles
Episode I and III - Battle Droid
Episode III - 501st Legion Clone Trooper
Episode II - Clone Lieutenant
Clone Wars - Numa
Episode III - 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper
Clone Wars/ Episode III - Waxer
Clone Wars/Episode III - Boil


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